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October 03, 2005

Hefe Goes Mac

So I have been fascinated by the Mac since the introduction of OSX. I thought the whole idea of unix on a mac was pretty weird and wondered how it all played together. I have been a PC guy for most of my adult life with a brief foray into macs when they were small and boxy (but there was always the cool factor). Anyway, I was curious and decided to drop six bills on a Mac Mini. Now this little gizmo is pretty facinating all by itself. It resembles a small stack of oversized toast but packs a serious punch. I went for the "top of the line" model that had more memory and a slightly faster CPU. It seemed the right balance for a guy who was just curious but didn't have a real need for a Mac. I've justified the whole thing by convincing myself that I need to "do testing" on my websites using Safari. It has come in useful in testing, but In reality, I just kind of plunk around on it.

Here's the kicker... I like it and I like it a lot. Go figure.

Posted by Hefe at October 3, 2005 03:59 AM


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