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October 03, 2005

The Mac Mini Complicates My Life

So I have the Mac Mini and after a few hours of goofing with it, I decided I need to get a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch to make the whole transition worthwhile.

Backstory: I've been moving the K&V from my linux box by hand for about a year now since I was too cheap to pony up the $100 for a switch.

So I head down to the local Frys Electronics and poke around a bit. After some soul searching, I settle on the IOGEAR Miniview DVI switch. It has all the bells and whistles and will work with my DVI inputs. I liked it because it was DVI and USB mouse/keyboard with sound AND it came with all the cables. Totally cool. So my strategy is to use all the DVI to VGA connectors I have to make the switch and computers work with my old 17" Samsung Syncmaster. After a couple hours of exasperation and heartbreak, I went back to Frys and picked up a new 19" Samsung Syncmaster (930B) with DVI input. Now after $500 I have the whole thing running nicely ( probably should have just bought the eMac... recall why I needed the switch?...) and I was finally able to switch between all my computers using my keyboard. Sweet.

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