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December 30, 2005

I am the InkMan

So I was down at Staples the other day looking for a couple last minute xmas gifts. You know, the MP3 armband holder, and the odd shaped post-it notes. Anyway, on the way to the checkout, I saw this container of do-it-yourself inkjet ink fillers. The kit cost $12 so I figured what the heck. The real idea was to simply get it for Nora's computer lab at school since they use a bunch of ink, but I was just itching to see if it realy works. So on Christmas eve, I decided to dismatle the HP-97 color ink cartidge on my HP all-in-one printer and try to refill it. It was complaining the ink was low anyway so I figured "what the heck".
I carefully pulled back the top label and found that there were a number fo holes that looked the be filled with a sponge or something. I selected a color, matched it to the spongy opening and let the ink flow. I filled them a bit beyond capacity and there was quite a mess soaking out the bottom. I put the cartridge in before it had properly tempered, and made a mess of the inside of my printer. I tried to align the print head and it failed. I cleaned it and then tried to align it and it passed, but the print quality was lousy. I pulled the print cartridge out again... and again... and cleaned it, and shook it... and put it in and cleaned it... and aligned it...

Finally I decided that since it was Christmas Eve and I had wasted my whole evening messing with the stupid print cartidge, I should simply go to bed and buy a replacement in a couple days.

The next morning I ran a test print just for the heck of it and I'll be darned if it wasn't working perfectly. So here's the deal. You can fill your own printer cartridges, but you have to let them sit all night and then clean them pretty well before you use them. The kit should fill the cartridge at least 6 times before I have to buy a full priced replacement. Sweet!

So now, I am the InkMan!

Posted by Hefe at December 30, 2005 12:01 AM


Hey Sweetie,

Why would you wanna be called the INKMAN? Weird, dude...just weird.

love ya

Posted by: Hefe's main squeeze at February 9, 2006 03:27 AM

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