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January 13, 2006

Virtual Bookshelves

I have an extensive technical library. I really love my books. The importance of each book has obviously changed over the years, but I continue to add them from time to time and think of them as the parts of my brain that I can't actually fit inside my head. I actually have a wall of technical books and it was always a pain when I changed jobs or offices to haul them around with me. Sort of a labor of love I suppose. I should also disclose that I also kept all books from college, even the awful psychology books. It just didn’t seem right to sell them back even if the class was bad.

Well I just discovered that O’Reilly has a site that let’s you read their books online as a sort of subscription service. You pay a monthly fee and you can keep up to three books on your bookshelf at time and exchange them for brand new ones whenever you need. This is just absolutely brilliant. I can “virtually” have every book that O’Reilly publishes and whenever I need a new one I can switch. And if I for some reason I’m feeling nostalgic, I can put my old MS-DOS in a Nutshell book back on the shelf. Sweet.


Posted by Hefe at January 13, 2006 07:02 AM


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