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August 06, 2006

Home At Last

We headed out this morning from RJ's with the long drive from Seattle to Home. It's a 12 hour haul and we are ready to make it. I for one am ready to sleep in my own bed and I miss my Hefita a great deal.

We made it home at around 6:00 pm. What a great trip. It was a once in a lifetime trip.

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August 05, 2006

Road Trip Day 8

We took a day off and checked out the Seattle Sea Fair. There were hydro races, and air show and we had a gread day just hanging out and chillin. Check out the flickr pix to see some of the shots I got from the day.

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August 04, 2006

Road Trip Day 7

We headed out of Butte Montana with a mission. We needed to make it to RJ’s place before dinner. Not exactly undoable, but we were quite a ways out and we didn’t know how traffic would be.

We were going to eat at the Perkin’s restaurant that morning, but we had no time so we grabbed a couple bagged breakfasts from the front desk of the hotel. I started the drive while Hefito watched old John Wayne movies. I drove for about 5 hours and we switched when we reached Washington. Hefito Drove for about 4 hours and then I took over and had him navigate the final few miles to RJ’s place. We made it there around 5:30.

I dig RJ’s crib. It’s on the water of Puget Sound and has great views and a really cool vibe. We decided to head into Seattle for dinner at a place we usually go to when I visit. It’s a Mexican place call Cactus that has great food and drinks. There was a bit of a wait but we hung in there and were rewarded with an outstanding meal. I went for the carnitas. It was a long day and I was ready to hit the hay when we finished the meal.

Hefito needed to check out RJ’s Xbox 360 so they stayed up and played while I cut some wood.

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August 03, 2006

Road Trip Day 6

We got up not too early and I did some updates to the blog for your viewing pleasure. We had a decent breakfast and I posted a letter to my love (a love letter). I wanted to take a stroll along the river, but we needed to head out. We saddled up and headed out around 10:00 am.

We stopped to gas up at the base of the Grand Tetons. Hefito thought they looked like Mordor from the Lord of The Rings. They were quite a site. We made it to the park and made a drive by, and then headed north to Yellowstone.

Hefita thought Yellowstone was not all that, but I really thought it was something. It’s three parks in one. I want to make it back some time maybe for camping or backpacking.

We spent a couple hours in the park and headed out for an uneventful drive to Butte Montana where we bedded down for the night. We took a swim, watched the tube and went to sleep. More driving tomorrow.

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August 02, 2006

Road Trip Day 5

I got up a bit before Hefito to do some work and get my pictures uploaded to discover there is no internet in eastern Wyoming. I made and attempt to find the lost pocket knife, but now I realize it quite gone. I was at the truck and I met a rough looking biker dude. I greeted him and told him I was headed to South Dakota, and he said "Are you going to Sturges? :)" I told him that we were off to Mount Rushmore and he said, I'm not into that Government stuff, but you should stop at Crazy Horse.

Hefito and I headed out about 10:00 am and on out way to SD. We took the more direct side roads and decided to stop at the Crazy Horse monument which looked to be in progress. It cost us $20 to go in and look at the vision of the monument, and we could look at the work in progress. A bit of a let down since the biker dude told me quite flatly that once I saw Crazy Horse, I would think Mount Rushmore was a bit small. Hmmm. I can't imagine being more disappointed than I already was.

So we arrived at Mt Rusmore about 1:00 and walked out to the main viewing area. I was totally impressed. It was awsome. We took the presidential trail and enjoyed the different views of the faces. We also walked in on a tour in progress that talked about the sculpture who was in charge, the techiques used to move all the rock, and other interesting tidbits.

We then headed back west on our way to Grand Teton. It took about 5 hours, but we headed out through Rapid City (and Sturges by the way) to end up in Thermopolis Wyoming. We rolled in about 9:30 grabbed our first sit down meal of the trip (I had a steak and Hefito had crab legs) and settled in for a good long rest. I stole internet access from the hotel across the street and used the good connection to fix some problems with the site and upload some pictures from the trip.

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August 01, 2006

Road Trip Day 4

I got up pretty early and made some cowboy coffee and did some exploring. We had a pretty stinky camp site, but I wasn’t expecting too much since we just showed up at the park and took what they had. I let Hefito sleep in for a while as I organized things.

I finally roused Hefito up at around 8:00 and we had some cereal, packed up and hit the road. We took this one way dirt road to the Alpine Visitors Center. It was awesome. We hung out briefly at the center and hiked to the top of a small peak nearby to take in the view. Then we headed west down the mountain and checked out the park.

We stopped for lunch and made tacos. I somehow managed to loose my Swiss Army knife at this stop. I was quite attached to it and was upset to find it missing. Now I feel that if I had to exchange my favorite pocket knife for this trip, it was totally worth it. I also think it might turn up, but in my heart of hearts, I think it fell out somewhere or I left it sitting on the picnic table. Oh Well.

We checked out an old homestead on the property and took a foot bridge over the Colorado river. We could have probably found a place where we could have stood over the river. Now that would have been a neat picture.

We did some more exploring at the part and headed out toward Denver about 2:00 pm. We made a brief stop for a mini USB cable and kept on trucking.

We arrived in Denver at around 4:30 pm. We parked in this gnarly lot near the park. We walk to the park to scope things out and bought our tickets. We also bought a parking pass for $10. We went back to the truck and decided to move it to the lot. By the time we got to the truck the sign in the lot had changed from $1.50 a day to $10.00 a day. We drove to the official lot and… it was closed. Hmmm. This was starting to stink. We looped around, waited until exactly 2.5 hours before game time and made a second attempt. This time we got in. We then decided to walk up to the gates to see if we could find a place to hang out.

A worker at the park saw us milling around and asked us if we wanted to watch batting practice. We said yes and he sent us to a special line that let you into the park early.
We watched practice, watched an excellent game, made some new friends (since we were sitting in the Brewers section and cheering for them as well, and ate ballpark food.

We set out after the game and headed north. We ended up in Wheaton Wyoming.

Now that was quite a day.

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