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August 01, 2006

Road Trip Day 4

I got up pretty early and made some cowboy coffee and did some exploring. We had a pretty stinky camp site, but I wasn’t expecting too much since we just showed up at the park and took what they had. I let Hefito sleep in for a while as I organized things.

I finally roused Hefito up at around 8:00 and we had some cereal, packed up and hit the road. We took this one way dirt road to the Alpine Visitors Center. It was awesome. We hung out briefly at the center and hiked to the top of a small peak nearby to take in the view. Then we headed west down the mountain and checked out the park.

We stopped for lunch and made tacos. I somehow managed to loose my Swiss Army knife at this stop. I was quite attached to it and was upset to find it missing. Now I feel that if I had to exchange my favorite pocket knife for this trip, it was totally worth it. I also think it might turn up, but in my heart of hearts, I think it fell out somewhere or I left it sitting on the picnic table. Oh Well.

We checked out an old homestead on the property and took a foot bridge over the Colorado river. We could have probably found a place where we could have stood over the river. Now that would have been a neat picture.

We did some more exploring at the part and headed out toward Denver about 2:00 pm. We made a brief stop for a mini USB cable and kept on trucking.

We arrived in Denver at around 4:30 pm. We parked in this gnarly lot near the park. We walk to the park to scope things out and bought our tickets. We also bought a parking pass for $10. We went back to the truck and decided to move it to the lot. By the time we got to the truck the sign in the lot had changed from $1.50 a day to $10.00 a day. We drove to the official lot and… it was closed. Hmmm. This was starting to stink. We looped around, waited until exactly 2.5 hours before game time and made a second attempt. This time we got in. We then decided to walk up to the gates to see if we could find a place to hang out.

A worker at the park saw us milling around and asked us if we wanted to watch batting practice. We said yes and he sent us to a special line that let you into the park early.
We watched practice, watched an excellent game, made some new friends (since we were sitting in the Brewers section and cheering for them as well, and ate ballpark food.

We set out after the game and headed north. We ended up in Wheaton Wyoming.

Now that was quite a day.

Posted by Hefe at August 1, 2006 11:45 PM


Who buys a mini-USB cable in rural Colorado? Not only that, I thought everything was bigger in those big rectangular states in the middle of the country...like, wouldn't you have to buy a super_USB cable?

Posted by: Stevie G at August 17, 2006 04:48 PM

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