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August 04, 2006

Road Trip Day 7

We headed out of Butte Montana with a mission. We needed to make it to RJ’s place before dinner. Not exactly undoable, but we were quite a ways out and we didn’t know how traffic would be.

We were going to eat at the Perkin’s restaurant that morning, but we had no time so we grabbed a couple bagged breakfasts from the front desk of the hotel. I started the drive while Hefito watched old John Wayne movies. I drove for about 5 hours and we switched when we reached Washington. Hefito Drove for about 4 hours and then I took over and had him navigate the final few miles to RJ’s place. We made it there around 5:30.

I dig RJ’s crib. It’s on the water of Puget Sound and has great views and a really cool vibe. We decided to head into Seattle for dinner at a place we usually go to when I visit. It’s a Mexican place call Cactus that has great food and drinks. There was a bit of a wait but we hung in there and were rewarded with an outstanding meal. I went for the carnitas. It was a long day and I was ready to hit the hay when we finished the meal.

Hefito needed to check out RJ’s Xbox 360 so they stayed up and played while I cut some wood.

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