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December 11, 2006

A Porsche Cayman for 5K What's the Catch?

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I got an email from Amex telling me that I can buy a brand new Porsche Cayman for $5000. This car has an MSRP of about $50k. So what's the catch? It turns out that there are only three cars for sale at this price and they go on sale at three times during the day. So it's more like a lottery than a sale, but what the heck with that kind of discount why wouldn't you want to at least give it a try? My only worry is that the tax man will show up and expect you to pay taxes on the difference between the sale price and the MSRP, but Porsche is probably claiming the difference anyway. I am probably killing my chances to get the car by posting this, but what the heck, give it a shot.


Oh, one other catch, you have to have an Amex card to participate. The good news is they have a way for you to sign up right on the page.

Posted by Hefe at December 11, 2006 11:33 AM


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