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November 09, 2007

Autum in Yosemite

Hefita and I decided we needed a little break from the crazy world and trundled off to Yosemite last week. We found that the park is fairly deserted in late October and the park is really in transition. The trees are changing colors (if they can) and the weather is pleasant but a bit unpredictable.

We decided to stay at the Wawona Hotel since we had never been there and it seemed quite and tucked away. We opted for a room with a privy and were happy to have reserved such a room in advance. When we checked in there were many people surprised to find that they would have to share a bathroom with others.

The hotel was great but there is only a single dining room and it only servers food at certain hours. Since we were staying there for the week we were going the have everything on the menu at least twice. The other problem with the hotel being tucked away was that we had to drive at least an hour to most of the major attractions, trails, etc. It was cool, but after 4 days of driving at least 2-3 hours we decided to hang around the hotel and take some of the more civilized hikes that were nearby. We also bought a cooler and packed it with sandwich and snack items so we could eat when we wanted and have a bit of variety.

We did take a bunch of pictures, check out the photostream

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