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November 11, 2007

Ubuntu Totally Stinks

Ok, so I decided I should try one of the Linux for the masses distros, and thought why not try Linux lite (Ubuntu). It sounded great and looked pretty cool. Packaged Linux that I could just load and go. The promise of Ubuntu is simple installation and long term support without the need to compile, build, or configure anything.

If you look at the site they have a bunch of different different specialized versions of the OS for LAMP servers, education support, thin clients, kde users... It all seemed so promising. I decided I needed to do some testing and tried loading the latest version of the workstation installation on my dell laptop. The installation hung... Hmmm... not to cool. I then thought, I'll load the server installation on the notebook and then add the X packages later. The server loaded, but when I tried to boot the finished product I got this message "The cpu is too old for this kernel". Now that bit of info would have been helpful before I decided to go forward with the load. So I thought I'll step back one release just to check it out. I loaded the 6.0x version of the server, it loaded and then on reboot it hung expanding the kernel. I'm not very impressed.

What can I tell you, Ubuntu might work for some people, but I must be one of the totally unlucky people that can't use the Linux for the masses. At any rate, all I can say is that Ubuntu is a smelly stinky waste of time.

Posted by Hefe at November 11, 2007 08:53 PM