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December 18, 2007

Living in Cubeland

I've really started to settle in at the office. It took much less time than I anticipated to get used to living in Cubeland. I am actually in a cube suburb that is not in the heart of downtown Cubeland and that suits me fine. I am near a window (lots of natural light) but right under an A/C vent (that sets me into sneezing fits). All in all life in Cubeland is working out. In the years that I was not in a office they have made many changes. I opted for a standing setup so I can stand part of the day. I find that really helps my back and it makes me feel a bit like a bartender. I am having a bit of a problem dealing with the noise. It causes me to break focus so I have reverted to wearing earbuds and listening to music. The only problem with that is I am sometimes startled when people creep up on me. Still working out the kinks there.

Now I need to develop a flag for Cubeland and put it up in the corner of my "workspace". I wonder if anyone will get the joke?

Posted by Hefe at December 18, 2007 12:56 PM


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