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January 05, 2008

Pretty Strong Mojo

Hefita pointed out the other day that right after New Years day you see a lot of people out jogging, biking, walking, etc. And then by around March, all of the new people are gone. I suppose we notice this because we don't shift our workout around a resolution but approach it in a more random "when we fell like it" approach. I'm wondering how many people who resolve to start working out, and then actually follow through with it, stick to it for the whole year. I also wonder if the power of the resolution is more powerful than for example a doctor telling you that if you don't start working out and stick to it you will die.

My mom for example has been smoking for about 50 years and has tried from time to time to quit. Recently she went to the doctor and he noticed her feet were cold. He sent her to a vein specialist who found she had a circulation problem in her leg caused by smoking that that if she didn't stop she would probably lose the use of her leg. She stopped smoking about a week later. Now that is some strong stuff.

Posted by Hefe at January 5, 2008 06:49 PM


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