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March 25, 2008

The Rusty Coder


For the past seven or so years I have been working in web based technologies, I have not touched C++ or any Microsoft development tools. There was a short time during my transition from Microsoft to opensource that I used Visual Studio to edit Perl code ( I even wrote a little plug in to take me to a specific compile error... hmm what ever happened to that?) but as time moved on I shifted to open source tools. My new job was not supposed to include writing code but pretty much everything in my group is done using Microsoft tools so I could at least talk the talk even if my talk was a little on the rusty side.

Recently I volunteered to take on a coding task that would help to bring a new product in a little early. It's a small but important piece of the installation technology and I now have to remember all the things I have forgotten about C++ and MS Development. The good new is this project is to write a language parser that can be used by the product to interpret simple expressions. No U/I needed so I don't have to remember all that GDI stuff, but I am trying to remember how to define a class in C++. It's just like riding a bike isn't it? Probably more like riding a unicycle... down a hill... in the snow.

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