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September 15, 2008

Don't Take It Personally

The other day I got a mystery call on my cell phone. It was a number I didn't recognize and they didn't leave a message. That happens from time to time because my number is the same as a nearby church that is in a different area code. Anyway, a couple days later I get a voice mail from my old college roommate Edwin D. He didn't say much except he wanted to get a hold of me and chat. I hadn't spoken to Edwin in years and our last conversation was a little "weird" but I figured he was reaching out and we were pretty good friends at one point.

Rather than returning the call from CubeLand I decided I would wait and return his call from home so I would have time to sit down and have a real catch up kind of conversation. When I got home I sat down, dialed the number and was greeted with a somewhat irritated sounding "Hefe". I thought hmmm... a little weird but whatever. I asked if it was a good time to talk he said he was about to eat but had a few minutes.

I started trying to catch up and see what he was up to, started telling him about my old an new gigs, things I was doing, where I was living etc. He cut me off and said "Hey listen, I need to eat now, but do you still have the Willie and the Wetsuits video?" Edwin and I were in a band in college called Willie and the Wetsuts and at one point we made a video of our hit single "It's a joke". I said yeah, but it's in storage and it will take me a while to dig it out. "Hey would you mind ripping it to DVD and sending it to me? I'll send you a couple bucks for postage". I'm like "Sure, but I don't know when I will be able to get to it. In the meantime do you want some MP3s some of the band's music, I converted some of the tapes a couple years ago." "Sure" he says, here's my email... Then he got off the phone.

Once again it was a little weird. I sent him the MP3s and he responded saying he was sorry about not being able to talk more. I don't want to take it personally, but we hadn't spoken in many years and I would have let my food get cold to catch up with an old friend.

Posted by Hefe at September 15, 2008 12:46 PM


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