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October 31, 2008

That Raymond Chen Guy

While I was at PDC this year there was this event one evening where we had the opportunity to "Meet the experts". I was looking to solve a particular problem that had to do with changing the text color for a Windows radio button. I had been working on the problem for some time and figured an expert could help.

I wondered around a bit discussing the problem with different folks and pretty much everyone said "You need to talk to Raymond" So I walk around aimlessly looking for Raymond until I sat down at a table next to this unassuming fellow with a that said "Raymond Chen - Microsoft" I introduced myself and talked with him for a bit about my problem. He listened intently and then said "That is a very hard problem, Chris what do you think?" Chris it turns out maintained the Common Dialog DLL which was the root of my issue. After some thought, they gave me a couple things to try and his card so I could email him if the suggestions didn't work. His card read simply "That Raymond Chen Guy".

When I got back to the office I tried a couple of the ideas and while the solution I finally arrived at was a little less than what I had hoped for, it did work and I owe a lot to my discussion with Raymond and Chris. Thanks a million!

Posted by Hefe at October 31, 2008 01:07 PM


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