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December 29, 2008

Freedom From JUSTICE - The Novel

My nephew, Joe Reister (Joe Jose to the family) is a writer. He's been working on his craft for a while now and has written a number of remarkable short stories. A few years ago he sat down to write the great American Novel. I'm not certain where he found the inspiration, but his first major novel, Freedom From JUSTICE is not only a catchy double entendre, but also an excellent thriller with a scrappy hero named Liberator who has all these mad skills of 007 but the conscience of Jack Ryan. He also has a past life he is trying to hide from JUSTICE and get back to it without the whole thing going north. It's an excellent read.

Joe Jose wrote the book a while back and the only reason I am mentioning it now is that he sent a bound copy to Hefito a couple days ago for his 18th birthday. Very cool! Up until now, we had to print it out and read it on our computers. Now we can actually hold the book in our hands. If you want to reach the author and get your own copy, here's how to contact him.

Joseph G. Reister
jgreister at hotmail dot com

Tell him Uncle Bill sent you ;-)

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