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December 16, 2008

Great Places For Bug Parts and Info

I must admit I've learned a lot doing the bug project. Mostly I learned that even if your car is 30 years old, it is still possible to find parts if you know where to look. Here is a list of resources I used while I was getting the car back on the road (only the recent ones are listed because, sadly some of the older once I used to use are no longer around).

- This place is great if you are into scavenger hunts, you have lot's of time on your hands, and you are into bitter disappointment. On the upside if they have what you want it will be at a discount price.

Wolfsburg West - These guys have the really good stuff but it tends to be a little expensive and sometimes they run out of stock. They ship the parts right away and I have always been happy with the service.

JC Whitney
- What can I say, these guys have pretty much everything for any model car you might have. The parts tend to be a bit lower quality but I bought my front bumper from them and I like to look at their magazine. The do send you a lot of email once you place an order.

Air Head Parts
- They have a great selection of after market parts and since I live on the West Coast, they can get parts to me in two days. Once I placed an order by noon and it shipped that same day arriving two days later. Totally awesome. They also have a bunch of well written helpful documentati
on to help you adjust your carburetor, toubleshoot problems, etc.

EBay - Be carful, things are not exacty what they seem. I won some "new" parts that were actually "unused". It's semantic and a little nit picky I realize, but cmon, new is new and unused is "not totally new".

OE VeeDub - They had some parts that I needed at a fair price, but the shipping was 1/3 of the total cost. I bought $24 in parts and paid $12 in shipping. JC Whitney was free and Air Heads charged $20 for $400 in parts. You have to factor these things in.

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