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December 03, 2008

Mac Frugal vs Mac Million

The other night I got a call from The Sandpiper. It was mostly a catch up session since we don't get together as much as we would like and about twice a month we hook up and give each other the proverbial "dump". So he says "I got together with BS the other night. I told him I'd take him out to dinner for his birthday. So guess how much I spent?". I pondered this for a bit before I decided to answer. Knowing The Sandpiper he either spent very little or quite a bit. First a little background.

For those of you who don't know The Sandpiper, he is a bit ... frugal. To put it into perspective, once he invited a group of people over to his place for jerk chicken. He was generously providing the meat and asked others to bring salad or a side dish. When the dinner hit the table here were exactly 2 drummettes per person. It was cool, there was plenty of salad to fill up on.

Now, for those of you who don't know BS, he is well... hmm... He's a bit like PT Barnum without all the clowns and animals. He is affluent and enjoys his social stature. He's a really nice fellow, but he's not always paying attention to the needs of others. He once offered to let "Friends and Family" stay at his beach house in Santa Crux. Only $1500 per night. Needless to say we passed on his kind offer. My buddy Night Owl lets us stay at his place in Truckee for a six pack a night. That's a real "Friend and Family" deal.

So back to the question. Mac Frugal vs Mac Million. I figured he spent more than he wanted and hazard "$150 bucks?" He says "try $200 with tip". I asked "Where did you eat The House of Bullion" He said, "I tried to get BS to eat at this sports bar so we could catch the last game of the World Series, but he wanted to try out some swank new place that just opened. He was schmoozing the manager passing cards around and acting like he owned the place. The manager did give us a round of drinks on the house." He said "Do you think BS was taking advantage?". "It would seem so" I said "but you did tell him you were buying him dinner and it was his choice on where you ate. In some ways that's just the price of admission to the BS dinner show. Next year why don't you just send him a card?" The Sandpiper shook it off and said "Well I did have a pretty good time... until the check came." That's The Sandpiper. He likes being frugal but hates being cheap. I suppose I can connect with that.

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