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January 08, 2009

Bart Police Shooting and Oakland Riots... Why?

I was shocked by the events that led to the death of young Arthur Grant on a BART platform in the chilly night air of South Oakland. The fact the there were so many people sitting on the train watching what happened absolutely blows me away. It sure seems to show that the BART Police officer shot Arthur Grant in the back while he was lying face down. I don't want to jump to any conclusions and although the OJ Simpson trial showed us that the evidence does not always get a guilty convictions, the evidence on the surface is compelling.

So on the day that young Mr Grant was laid to rest, a peaceful demonstration turned into a wild mob of rioters tearing up their own neighborhood because they were upset? I don't pretend to have all the answers to the racial problems we have here in the US or around the world for that matter, but somehow destroying personal property of innocent people doesn't seem to move things in the right direction. From what I understand, Arthur Grant was a really nice young man who was against that sort of violence.

This might be the question that can't be answered, but I have to ask why? Why were was the group of young men getting rowdy on the BART? Why did the BART police handle the situation so poorly? Why wasn't the BART policeman who shot the unarmed man taking immediately into custody for attempted murder? I'm sure if I shot an unarmed man I would have been arrested and questioned. Why was the reaction to demonstrate and riot? What purpose does that serve?

It is clear that the older I get, the less I understand.

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