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January 03, 2010

Hefe's Sabbatical


Well, devoted readers, the Hefe is back. That's right, just like good old General Doug MacArthur I have returned.

So where exactly have I been? Sadly nowhere, just not here writing. My writing was getting a bit splodgey (sp?) and it wasn't so much that I was losing interest or running out of topics, but what was really happening is that I finally realized that nobody (no humans) actually read my blog. It was one of those "is this thing even turned on?" moments that made be wonder why I was spending time writing.

So I decided I needed to take the proverbial year off and see if I really missed the creative outlet. So a year has passed, there were no great uproars at my absence and here I am contemplating a return to the land of Hedgeek. There are certainly other outlets that I could use to express myself and would be more widely seen, but whatever, I've carved out this little spot and I'm going to stick with it. Over the past year I've collected some interesting things that I've wanted to post and although some of these will be a bit out of context and perhaps disconnected time wise, I think they still have merit and will be worth a good read.

And for those readers who have been rereading my last post from 2009 and waiting eagerly for my return, I am pleased to be back and I won't disappoint you.

Posted by Hefe at January 3, 2010 07:53 PM


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