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January 26, 2007

Cisco Field Was A Friend Of Mine

I'm not one of the many thousands of Oakland A's fans who absolutely hate the Oakland Coliseum. As a matter of fact, I think the place has a certain charm and it certainly has plenty of room for all the adoring A’s fans (it seats 50k or something ridiculous like that).


It is however primarily a football stadium. It just screams pigskin when you walk into the place. It also has a concourse that is congested and impossible to get through when many more than 20k fans show up for a game.

I’ve been to a number of the newer baseball stadiums around the country from Denver to Seattle and I must say they really have worked out the kinks and it is a pleasure to watch a game in them.

So the A’s who have struggled for years to get a new stadium built in downtown Oakland have decided that their namesake city is hostile and they are pulling up stakes and moving the whole show 20 miles south to the quiet hamlet of Fremont. I’m not so much excited about the fact that the team will be closer and perhaps problems such as parking, traffic congestion, and a crowded concourse will be fixed, but I am looking forward to watching the team play in a brand new baseball only stadium. Cisco (the network giant) is providing the land in return for name recognition. The new Cisco Field will be finished in 2010 or something like that.

Now we just have to wait for the approval from the city of Fremont and a few years for them to build it.

So I’ll have a bunch of antique Oakland Athletics hats, jackets, etc. going up for auction on eBay. I have a closet full of the now worthless junk.

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January 09, 2007

The New IPhone Announced

Today at Macworld Expo Steve Jobs announced the long predicted iPhone. It looks cool and it has some excellent features. It also has built in Google search functions and runs Mac OS X. This made RJ point out that since they are starting to have some synergy, it might make sense for Apple and Google to merge into a mega hardware software company. If that happens, you can expect a couple of other things.
You would likely see a Dell or HP merger with Microsoft. It would not have the cool factor, but could have the same possiblity for cool integrated products. People discount both companies, but they have had their share of innovation and they know how to market products. They are just a bit more nerdy and square.

If Google and Apple merge, the new company would be called Hubris. They would need to also buy Hubris.com from Hubris Communications, but that would be a drop in the bucket if you look at what they spent on the aqusition of YouTube.com.

As I told RJ, the merger makes sense in some ways because both Apple and Google want to be our everything.

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