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December 21, 2007

The Cubes Have Ears

I absolutely forgot what it was like to be standing in a room full of people and trying to have a private conversation. I keep having people say "I couldn't help overhearing..." and "I don't mean to be nosy but..." My wife understands but is frustrated because we have been able to talk about anything during the day and she likes to connect whenever she gets a chance. When I get a call on my cell, I have to walk outside , stand in front of the building with all the smokers and hope my boss doesn't walk by and ask me what I am doing outside. Maybe I'll just turn off my phone during the day and avoid the while issue.

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December 18, 2007

Living in Cubeland

I've really started to settle in at the office. It took much less time than I anticipated to get used to living in Cubeland. I am actually in a cube suburb that is not in the heart of downtown Cubeland and that suits me fine. I am near a window (lots of natural light) but right under an A/C vent (that sets me into sneezing fits). All in all life in Cubeland is working out. In the years that I was not in a office they have made many changes. I opted for a standing setup so I can stand part of the day. I find that really helps my back and it makes me feel a bit like a bartender. I am having a bit of a problem dealing with the noise. It causes me to break focus so I have reverted to wearing earbuds and listening to music. The only problem with that is I am sometimes startled when people creep up on me. Still working out the kinks there.

Now I need to develop a flag for Cubeland and put it up in the corner of my "workspace". I wonder if anyone will get the joke?

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December 13, 2007

I missed the coffee machine

After years of working from home I came to the realization today that I missed the coffee machine at work. You can walk up and get a single cup of coffee whenever you want and it is fresh, hot, and truly delicious. When I stopped working at an office I never thought about the coffee machine or the lack of one. Now I realize that I neglected that relationship and I am making up for it. I think I need a nice hot fresh cup of Joe.


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December 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Hefita

My beautiful bride is having a birthday today. Happy birthday my love, you are just a lovely as the day we met.


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