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March 25, 2008

The Rusty Coder


For the past seven or so years I have been working in web based technologies, I have not touched C++ or any Microsoft development tools. There was a short time during my transition from Microsoft to opensource that I used Visual Studio to edit Perl code ( I even wrote a little plug in to take me to a specific compile error... hmm what ever happened to that?) but as time moved on I shifted to open source tools. My new job was not supposed to include writing code but pretty much everything in my group is done using Microsoft tools so I could at least talk the talk even if my talk was a little on the rusty side.

Recently I volunteered to take on a coding task that would help to bring a new product in a little early. It's a small but important piece of the installation technology and I now have to remember all the things I have forgotten about C++ and MS Development. The good new is this project is to write a language parser that can be used by the product to interpret simple expressions. No U/I needed so I don't have to remember all that GDI stuff, but I am trying to remember how to define a class in C++. It's just like riding a bike isn't it? Probably more like riding a unicycle... down a hill... in the snow.

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March 04, 2008


I've decided that it makes no sense to get attached to any of the A's players, because after about 1 or 2 seasons they will be playing for somebody else, probably in the NL. It started a while back with Jason Giambi, the big 3 and a chance to make it to the World Series. Then A's management started sending all the really great players somewhere else before they left on their own. We got a couple pretty good players out of these trades such as Danny Haren, but if you get attached to them they also get traded. I decided at some point I would pick a mid-level utility player to be my favorite figuring he would be around for a while.

ph_340192.jpgSo my favorite player for the past 2 seasons has been Marco Scutaro. I loved watching Marco play. He was fluid at second and short but a complete basket case at 3rd. One night he got three errors playing the hot corner. He has that goofy stiff stance at the plate that makes you think he is just going to stand there and take, but he is a great clutch hitter. I also liked to practice my Spanish on him. Secretly I always hated that whole Marco Polo gag that would go on in the stands sometimes where the fans would yell "Marco... Scutaro..." but I went along with it. So guess what, my man Marco was sent to Canada.

I was annoyed by this but figured we still had Nick Swisher. I mean they just signed a long term deal... Forget about it, Swish is now a Pale Hose. What about Danny Haren? He's gone. Pretty soon we will need a program to know the players. Mark my words, by the end of the season, Harden, Blanton, Street, and with any luck Crosby will be gone, The A's will be in last place and I will be sitting in an empty stadium with only a cold wind and lukewarm beer to comfort me.

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