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July 31, 2008

And then the wheels fell off...

My beloved Oakland A's looked as though they were going to make some racket this year despite all the "rebuilding" going on in the organization. What strikes me is that all this rebuilding has been sending all of my favorite players somewhere else... Anyway, almost as quickly as it started, the rumble subsided and now the A's look as though they have a really good chance at clinching last place in the AL West. They will however need to figure out how to dethrone the Mariners who seem to have last place all sewn up but At this point I am willing to bet it is possible.

I'm still going to watch them play, but I have to admit I have lost nearly all of my enthusiasm and I am giving away as many games as I go to.

If you want to catch a game before the season ends, shoot me an email and I will hook you up.

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July 22, 2008

The Joys of Pick N Pull


For anybody who has never had the pleasure of entering the wonderful world that is Pick N Pull you are totally missing out. It's a bone yard for cars where a car that is on it's way to the crusher stops one last time to have it's bones picked over for fun and profit. You have to pay a small fee to enter and sign a waiver just in case a car falls on you. Once in the gate you and your tools walk the bone yard looking for the important bits and pieces that are broken on your old junker. The cars are arranged in an odd order. Small foreign, SUVs and pickups, large domestic, etc.

It's a great business model. The patron does all the heavy lifting using their own tools and if they need anything special like a dolly to carry something heavy you can charge them a rental fee to use it. Then you can charge standard pricing for parts based on standard price list. It seems to me the place has super low overhead and I would imagine fairly high margins.


Lately I have been looking for parts for the old beetle, specifically the bumpers and shocks. What's odd is I have been collecting all sorts of other stuff that I lost in the meantime since I started the project. Mostly nuts, bolts, screws, etc. I also have been grabbing up odd stuff that I will probably never use just because when you have a 30 year old car, you never know when something that is difficult to replace will break. If you need parts for a 74 Beetle drop me a line, I probably have a spare door handle or wind wing lying around. :-)

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July 17, 2008

The 74 Beetle Project Update

The old 74 Beetle is slowing getting put back together. As is the case with most of these projects, it is taking much longer than anybody expected. My son thought it would take about 3 weeks to get the car put back together. I figured it would be a couple months, but in reality we might get the car back on the road in another month.

It seems that whenever we fix something, something else is broken. My son has taken the fenders off a total of three times now for different reasons and he probably needs to do it once more. The other day I took the car out for a quick test drive just to check the engine and there were no brakes. We changed one of the brake pistons, and then one popped in one of the other wheels. What a hassle. We got the brakes worked out and adjusted and the engine starting running all rough. Hmmm... why exactly did I sign up for this again? I'm starting to remember why I never got around to finishing this project. Can you say "time sponge"

I think the pace will pick up a bit when we get the car painted. We went and talked to Maaco and I think we can get the car painted for about $500.

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