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August 18, 2008

The 74 Beetle Rides Again

Wooo Hooo... We finally finished the Bug! So as a father and son project it was totally satisfying. Me and the boy were able to spend quite a few quality hours together. I think Hefito learned a little bit about how cars work. He is pretty good at removing and attaching Beetle fenders and attaching the fresh air vent.

It turns out that we had most of the parts and I could still remember how most of them went back on the car. It was a challenge and we didn't use all of the stuff I bought mostly because I was getting tired of working on the car and Hefito was anxious to start driving it. Mostly we are talking about rubber parts and such that were way more trouble to change than I ever imagined.

The car looks great (pictures to come soon...)

What did we learn?
- Restoring a car can take A LOT longer than you might think
- Take notes when you remove stuff from a car. You never know when you are going to put them back together (especially wires)
- Check the fuses. If they don't work what they are connected to won't work.
- Check that all the wires are connected BEFORE you put the fresh air vent back on.
- Change the fuel tank evaporator hoses even if they look good. If they leak even a little you get an awful gas smell in the car.
- Restoring a 74 Beetle can be very satisfying.

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August 08, 2008

The Bug Has Paint

Oh, what an excellent sight to behold. The guys a Maaco gave us the presidential treatment and the car looks great except of course for the huge bug skeleton that somehow managed to get itself stuck in the paint on the top rim of the driver's side door.

Somehow I find it really hard to believe they painted the car in a booth or at least a booth that had doors on it. Anyway, that are going to make good on the paint job, the only hitch is that we have to wait 30 days for the paint for fully cure before we can take it back to them. In the meantime we can do everything except the driver's side door.

Now the fun of sorting out all the parts that have been stored in WebVan (remember those guys?) containers for the past seven years. I'll try to get some in progress pictures up when I get a chance.

Picture borrowed from Wikipedia. They can have if back if they want.

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August 07, 2008

The A's Aren't as Bad as the M's

I got an email from RJ today reminding me the the M's with all the money they spent to own the AL West are likely going to be in last place. I would love to jump up and do a WOOO HOOO in my new Cubeland home, but somehow being only slightly better than a total loser team does not exactly warm my heart. I do appreciate RJ reaching out and trying to make my pain a little less err... painful. There is always next season.

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