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September 15, 2008

Don't Take It Personally

The other day I got a mystery call on my cell phone. It was a number I didn't recognize and they didn't leave a message. That happens from time to time because my number is the same as a nearby church that is in a different area code. Anyway, a couple days later I get a voice mail from my old college roommate Edwin D. He didn't say much except he wanted to get a hold of me and chat. I hadn't spoken to Edwin in years and our last conversation was a little "weird" but I figured he was reaching out and we were pretty good friends at one point.

Rather than returning the call from CubeLand I decided I would wait and return his call from home so I would have time to sit down and have a real catch up kind of conversation. When I got home I sat down, dialed the number and was greeted with a somewhat irritated sounding "Hefe". I thought hmmm... a little weird but whatever. I asked if it was a good time to talk he said he was about to eat but had a few minutes.

I started trying to catch up and see what he was up to, started telling him about my old an new gigs, things I was doing, where I was living etc. He cut me off and said "Hey listen, I need to eat now, but do you still have the Willie and the Wetsuits video?" Edwin and I were in a band in college called Willie and the Wetsuts and at one point we made a video of our hit single "It's a joke". I said yeah, but it's in storage and it will take me a while to dig it out. "Hey would you mind ripping it to DVD and sending it to me? I'll send you a couple bucks for postage". I'm like "Sure, but I don't know when I will be able to get to it. In the meantime do you want some MP3s some of the band's music, I converted some of the tapes a couple years ago." "Sure" he says, here's my email... Then he got off the phone.

Once again it was a little weird. I sent him the MP3s and he responded saying he was sorry about not being able to talk more. I don't want to take it personally, but we hadn't spoken in many years and I would have let my food get cold to catch up with an old friend.

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September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Richie D

It's that time of year again, My childhood pal RD (and former drummer of fourplay et. al.) is another year older. Happy birthday amigo! Don't drink too heavily you are getting a little old for that :)

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September 01, 2008

The 2008 Baseball Season Ends (for the A's)...

And I don't care. Just call me Hefe Crack Corn.

I predicted the A's would be in last place, but somehow the M's were even worse. At this point everyone is gone except Bobby Crosby and Houston Street. Blanton was farmed off the Philly and actually has a shot to pitch in the playoffs. Good news for Kentucky Joe, bad news for the A's.

At this point I'm pinning my hopes on the Ray's. I like the underdog and it would be great to see them at least get to the World Series. Honestly, I might not even watch it this year.

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