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October 31, 2008

That Raymond Chen Guy

While I was at PDC this year there was this event one evening where we had the opportunity to "Meet the experts". I was looking to solve a particular problem that had to do with changing the text color for a Windows radio button. I had been working on the problem for some time and figured an expert could help.

I wondered around a bit discussing the problem with different folks and pretty much everyone said "You need to talk to Raymond" So I walk around aimlessly looking for Raymond until I sat down at a table next to this unassuming fellow with a that said "Raymond Chen - Microsoft" I introduced myself and talked with him for a bit about my problem. He listened intently and then said "That is a very hard problem, Chris what do you think?" Chris it turns out maintained the Common Dialog DLL which was the root of my issue. After some thought, they gave me a couple things to try and his card so I could email him if the suggestions didn't work. His card read simply "That Raymond Chen Guy".

When I got back to the office I tried a couple of the ideas and while the solution I finally arrived at was a little less than what I had hoped for, it did work and I owe a lot to my discussion with Raymond and Chris. Thanks a million!

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October 12, 2008


My son is an avid reader and back in the day when he was looking for a good book to read, I would dig into my library of favorites and pull out something I thought he would enjoy. I take credit for getting him hooked on science fiction by giving him Hyperion, Neuromancer, and Armor to read when he was younger. He still reads the Hyperion series and tells me it's his favorite book of all time. I have to admit is is probably my favorite book as well (the fruit falls close to the tree).

So no it's his turn to give me books to read. He gave me a book he really liked called Coyote by Allen Steele. It's the story of a futuristic and oppressive America looking for a planet to colonize to take the message into space. Without giving too much away it's less of an epic space travel book and more of a colonization of the new world type book with some high tech (not much) thrown in. It's more about building log cabins than fighting space aliens. At any rate it's a pretty good read, but I have to admit I didn't jump right in and read the rest of the series. It was certainly a good read and some of the story was pretty compelling. If you want a classic Hugo award winning space epic, read Hyperion.

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