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January 12, 2010

Using the HDMI output on the Acer 1420p

I've been messing a bit more with the Acer 1420p that Microsoft provided us during PDC09. I noticed that it had among other things a DVI connector and while I assumed it was a DVI output, I didn't recall the specifications in the hardware guide (or frankly if it even came with one).

We use Hefito's XBox 360 to watch on demand Netflix movies but I was thinking wouldn't it be sweet if I could hook the DVI connector to the TV in the office and stream a Netflix movie to the TV using the 1420p?

The Setup

The setup was pretty simple. Find an HDMI cable lying around and connect it to the TV. That was a simple enough task, The Toshiba TV in the office has an HDMI connector so I connected up to that. Next I selected the HDMI input on the TV input selector. Then I connected it to the notebook.


The Result

The picture only filled the inner 2/3 or so of the screen and a warning message popped up and suggested I change the settings to 1360x768. I made the change and wasn't that impressed with picture


I right clicked the desktop and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator panel. I then dedicated the display and got a better selection of display settings to use with the display. The display was a bit overdrive, but I'm thinking I can probably adjust these sizes on the TV using some of the TV built in adjustments.

I started the Netflix streamer and the picture was actually pretty darn impressive. What was even more impressive was that I was using the wireless network for the data transfer. Sweet. Now I can stream a flick while the kid is playing Halo Wars.

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