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October 06, 2005

Patch This...

So have been trying to patch the kernel for a couple days now. Each attempt has brought it's own set of problems to the party. The last round of changes has the annoying message taken care of, but now the VPN is busted. I don't think I have the strength... Perhaps it's time to move on to Fedora (or live with the annoying message). I'm going to give it a rest now and come back to it when I have more patience.

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October 05, 2005

The Iogear is buggy

Now this is annoying. The new IOGEAR KVM I bought to simplify my life is causing this totally annoying message to appear on the console of my Linux box every 10 or so seconds.

usb-uhci: interrupt 3 status frame error.... or some such nonsense.

I poked around the web and found that IOGEAR has a problem with the USB status poll message and I need to patch my kernel. I should mention that I am still using RedHat 7.2 (because if it ain't broke don't fix it) and it has been working without a hitch for years. So here goes nothing.

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October 03, 2005

The Mac Mini Complicates My Life

So I have the Mac Mini and after a few hours of goofing with it, I decided I need to get a KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switch to make the whole transition worthwhile.

Backstory: I've been moving the K&V from my linux box by hand for about a year now since I was too cheap to pony up the $100 for a switch.

So I head down to the local Frys Electronics and poke around a bit. After some soul searching, I settle on the IOGEAR Miniview DVI switch. It has all the bells and whistles and will work with my DVI inputs. I liked it because it was DVI and USB mouse/keyboard with sound AND it came with all the cables. Totally cool. So my strategy is to use all the DVI to VGA connectors I have to make the switch and computers work with my old 17" Samsung Syncmaster. After a couple hours of exasperation and heartbreak, I went back to Frys and picked up a new 19" Samsung Syncmaster (930B) with DVI input. Now after $500 I have the whole thing running nicely ( probably should have just bought the eMac... recall why I needed the switch?...) and I was finally able to switch between all my computers using my keyboard. Sweet.

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Hefe Goes Mac

So I have been fascinated by the Mac since the introduction of OSX. I thought the whole idea of unix on a mac was pretty weird and wondered how it all played together. I have been a PC guy for most of my adult life with a brief foray into macs when they were small and boxy (but there was always the cool factor). Anyway, I was curious and decided to drop six bills on a Mac Mini. Now this little gizmo is pretty facinating all by itself. It resembles a small stack of oversized toast but packs a serious punch. I went for the "top of the line" model that had more memory and a slightly faster CPU. It seemed the right balance for a guy who was just curious but didn't have a real need for a Mac. I've justified the whole thing by convincing myself that I need to "do testing" on my websites using Safari. It has come in useful in testing, but In reality, I just kind of plunk around on it.

Here's the kicker... I like it and I like it a lot. Go figure.

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