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July 31, 2006

Road Trip Day 3

We got up early to have the 'Deluxe Breakfast' at the BW. I am not sure what you think of as deluxe, but I was expecting something more than cold cereal, oatmeal, coffee, juice, pastry, and waffles. It was nothing more than a re-tagged continental breakfast. I digress…

We fueled up and hit the road. We traveled Interstate 80 the whole way and Hefito from the Wyoming border the way to Cheyenne. We stopped and got groceries a local Safeway and got back on the road.

We drove south on 25 (I think) into Colorado and made a right turn at Loveland toward Estes Park. We got to Rocky Mountain National Park around 6:00 pm. We found a campsite, put up the tent and got started on dinner.

Dinner was an excellent grilled NY steak with a salad. We cleaned up and hung out by the fine until around 9:00 then we retired to the tent and watched the Magnificent Seven until around 11:00 pm. What and awesome full day today has been.

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July 30, 2006

Road Trip Day 2

Hefito and I slept in a bit and went exploring Elko. It was a little seedy the night before, and as the darkness lifted what was once a bit seedy became a bit crusty. We checked out the mega Walmart and bought some cheap DVDs for the trip. A bunch of westerns that should help pass the time while once of us is driving. We also bought 2 blocks of ice for the now empty cooler. I suppose we should put something in there now, but the G fridge is doing its thing and we only have sandwich stuff.

We hit the road around 11:00 am and headed east once again. The trip was pretty uneventful. I was taken by the salt flats and the Salt Lake. I was also impressed with Salt Lake City itself. Very clean.

We found a place to stay and saw Suzanne Vega play at the Red Butte Gardens. It was an excellent show and Hefito managed to get her to sign his CD. He is such a charmer.

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July 29, 2006

Road Trip Day 1

Not much to report. We left the SF Bay area around 11:00 am and headed east. We stopped outside Truckee for a break and some chow and then we pretty much pushed through to Elko Nevada. Not much to look at. I would upload the pictures, but I didn't pack the little cable for the camera. If I pick one up, I'll upload some of the more interesting shots and make this entry more better.

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July 28, 2006

The Road Trip

Hefito and I have set off on a great adventure. I have never seen the continental divide and Hefito has just obtained a learner's permit to drive. The only logical solution was to have him drive me to Denver.

I will try to post our progress each day as time permits and when I can get a connection. So far connections have been a bit dodgey so I can't promise much.

So begins the great adventure of Hefe and Hefito. A sort of Zen and the Art of Silverardo maintenance.

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The start

The start

Originally uploaded by Hedgeek.

He we are starting out on our big adventure.

I don't have time to detail all the events up til now, but check out my flickr page and check out the photos from the trip. They are generally in order, but I not exactly. If I get a chance tonight I'll bring everything up to date.

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